For snart halvandet år siden gik i dvale. I de foregående ca. 18 måneder afsløredes på hundredvis af groteske forfalskninger fortrinsvis på Her 17-18 måneder efter den midlertidige lukning (overvejer at starte igen, da der fortsat sælges grove falsknerier) besøges siden dagligt af 300-400 unikke læsere. Og så godt som dagligt skriver læsere til Et af brevene, modtaget 20.12. 2007, gengives herunder.

Hi - just wanted to thank you for your website, and the fact that you do name some of the worst offenders.

I recently made the winning bid on a watercolour listed by c20th-paintings on Ebay. There were a few red flags (private buyer ID, wording of the listing, quality of the painting), but I decided to go ahead and bid, out of curiousity, so I could find out who the seller was. Once I won I got their contact information: Palm Beach Gallery (not listed in the Melbourne phone book).

A simple google search also led me to who Palm Beach Gallery may or may not be aka, Benton Beauvasi Fine Art, also in Melbourne where the art is listed got it....c20th paintings! At least on their own website they're honest enough to admit the art they sell is "in the manner of" - for 10x the prices on Ebay, of course! (Benton Beauvasi - if I'm wrong to make these connections, please let me know, and I'd be more than happy to retract these comments).

Is Melbourne really a hot bed of fake artists, or are Palm Beach Gallery and Benton Beauvasi Fine Art one and the same?

A bit more digging led me also, more happily, to

I've made a fraud report to Ebay (funny that Ebay doesn't actually list "art fraud" as one of its "complain to us and we'll fix it" options, though).

Thanks again - you just saved me a good bit of money!