Amerikansk »kunstsamler« vil have
udstedt arrestordre på's redaktør

I august 2008 modtog's redaktion
adskillige e-mails fra en amerikaner, herunder de sidste fire med følgende tekster på kluntet engelsk:

1. e-mail:
Do you know anything about Pierre Aguste Renoir. I have two paintings I am researching for someone. I am going to send close up of one I am not certain about the other . The flower still life I feel is is OK the signature is to the right of the flowers in the is dated 1892 and says in french describing the type of flowers. also a description of the on the back about what number this painting was from a series in bold block letters .it looks like it was printed on in some fashion, old but able to be read clearly. It also has writing and is numbered  2 . Also I wanted to tell you that the woman on the couch is attributed by Renoir to Gerard.The dress detail is what makes me think it is a real Renoir but this one has me puzzled. this painting has had a very thick coat of shelac put on it front and back. it also has . The Canvas frame has been cleaned well and appears to be original .The outer frame has been re placed with a newer one . Thanks in advance. Preben . Sincerely Brian R 

2. e-mail:
Can you not see the words RENOIR to the right of the plant. des paris Right to left in the back round of the flower scene.This is classic renoir and the painting needs cleaning.This was borrowed from a museum inventory to fool you in to saying this.YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING..The person I got this from has provenance from 3 auction houses. I am writing a book about ark fake specialists like you that do not know what they are doing. 3 out of the 4 paintings that you looked at are real .I have documented this and am going to expose you to the public so please beware. I am going to humiliate you.You foolish old man you.
                                                Sincerely Brian R

3. e-mail:

I am asking that you personally to do everyone a favor and shut down your business effective immediately. I also want to inform you that I have filed papers with the international courts to have you arrested for fraud.There are several other people involved  in this class action law suite against you.We have proof of over 100 paintings that you have identified as fake that are not fake. Were you are even aware that all artists have works that are not the same as the style they are famous for.You should know these thing's before you give advice and call your self an international expert. You disgust me . 

                                                                            Good luck old man

4. e-mail (modtaget 21. august 2008):
The only reason I have told you what I am doing is because in order for my book to be a success I want to put you in your professional grave. I want you to put on your best fight of your life to protect your integrity. I am excited to challenge you and it would only be exciting if I know you tried your best and you will fail because you dont know it yet but you have already been caught. Yes you are right on some things but even a blind Squirrel can find an acorn from time to time. You know when the feds show up at your door they have the goods on you already right. well That's how I operate . I already have you busted. You can be expecting  a web site about you and you're  felonious fake art business or maybe just poorly run.But the fact is you do effect people lively hood and should know what you are doing regardless if you have good intentions which you might.or you are a crook.  You 1 or the other for sure. How many blessing's are you giving people and getting paid off later. ???. Get all your friends to help you because  I am going to take them all down with you in court or the public court if you all run and hide. I have the resources . Now get to work you have a lot coming to you MR "P".. 
               Sincerely Brian R

Om manden er skør eller bare sur over at have købt en række malerier for at være malet af berømte kunstnere, men ikke er det, vides ikke. Han har spurgt om adskillige billeder var ægte, men er hver gang blevet fortalt, at det er de ikke. Senest de to malerier øverst på siden, som han er overbevist om er malet af Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Nu behøver man næppe være meget over 12 år for lynhurtigt at kunne se, de absolut ikke har noget med verdensberømte Renoirs værker at gøre. Da han fik at vide, de ikke var af Renoir, hvad de indlysende ikke er, så var det ikke undertegnedes ekspertice, men hans egen, han troede på. Som det ses, er manden ikke særlig stiv udi det engelske, så det skal nok blive en underholdende bog, han vil sende på markedet.
Formentlig er Brian identisk med firmaet Blockandgavel på eBay, som handler med små nuttede figurer og juveler. Måske er det en ven og kollega til den mærkelige Troels Olivero fra, som også handler med juveler.

Preben Juul Madsen
22. august 2008